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GIM: Finish Strong

This month Michael and discuss how to Finish Strong.  In this workshop you will learn: How to think about time and success like top performers

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Envisioning the Future

All high performance starts with a compelling vision.  The fact is that great visions precede great accomplishments.  With the 12 Week Year we don’t start with your business, career or your income, we start with your life.

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Leader As Coach

Leader As Coach is a powerful online leadership development program that will provide you with insights, process, and tools to increase your influence and get the most from your team.

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On-Demand Team Training

This easy-to-use training content is designed to get you and your team up to speed with the 12 Week Year both quickly and effectively.  We provide access to everything you need to train your team, and to build momentum week after week.

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Challenge Series

The Challenge Series is a set of daily videos developed to keep you on track and inspired throughout your 12 Week Year.  These training videos are short, focused, and full of value.

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Achieve! is the official software of the 12 Week Year.  It provides a platform for you to fully automate your 12 Week Year, and accomplish great things.

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