Welcome to Leader As Coach.

Congratulations, and thank you for making the bold decision to participate in this training.  We are excited to partner with you as you embark on an exciting journey to a better, more skilled, more influential You!

The Leader As Coach training is part of The Accountable Leader series – a revolutionary fresh approach to management and leadership.  As leaders we have a responsibility to the people entrusted to us to be the best leader we can be. The Accountable Leader is all about helping you fulfill that promise.

Coaching your direct reports and team members is central to your role as a leader, and is the platform for you to effectively influence.  In this five-part series contains the following trainings:

  • Hold Them Capable – A new and effective approach to fostering accountability and high performance.
  • Courageous Conversations – Learning to confront in a productive way is an essential skill to leading and managing.  In this module you will discover the mindset and framework to pro-actively confront in a way that produces results and builds relationship.
  • Performance Coaching, part 1 – In these modules we will show you the impact coaching has on your organization’s results, and your client’s satisfaction. In addition, we will introduce the mindset of effective coaching, and overview a practical coaching model that you can begin to use right away.
  • Performance Coaching, part 2 – In part one we introduced you to the mindset and actions of effective coaching.  In this second segment we go in-depth on the Coaching Framework and begin to build the skills that will help you become an effective coach.
  • Developing Talent – Rarely does talent come fully developed.  Here you will learn how to develop talent as well as effectively deal with under-performers.

Each lesson has intentionally been kept to under an hour so you are not buried in hours and hours of video watching.  Ultimately, knowing is never enough.  You need to apply what you know and learn.  Each lesson has an application section to get you started using your newfound knowledge and skill.

For the organization to grow, you as the leader must grow.  That is why we are so excited you’ve decided to join us in this leadership development process.  Congratulations again, and best of luck to you.

Brian & Michael